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DeFinity is creating a DeFi marketplace built on the established platforms of two leading European FinTech’s. The combination of established operational technologies in an exciting and innovative manner will deliver a cutting-edge platform upon which institutions can exchange assets in an immediate and transparent tokenised form over a proprietary blockchain. 

Problem Statement

The current financial world is still inaccessible, inefficient and opaque. The majority of assets are traded on expensive, frequently illiquid and notoriously slow centralised markets. DeFi is a reaction to the failures in traditional financial markets. 

Supported by over a century of senior management experience in the Global Markets, with accompanying regulatory knowledge, the business will leverage its established relationships across market participants and the regulatory bodies. DeFinity will offer a significant evolution in the development of the global financial system bringing together the existing and the new worlds. 


The DeFinity Solution uses decentralised finance technology to build a more open, more transparent and more scalable financial market based on a bespoke and custom-built Enterprise Blockchain with a fully decentralised on-chain order book.

The proprietary hybrid multi-ledger architecture is fully scalable for institutional and enterprise needs, and provides real time settlement, clearing and zero counter-party risk. It is decentralised network operated by geographically dispersed validator nodes. 

Key benefits

The Proof of Concept

Our Decentralised Platform

The hybrid exchange will focus on ‘digital securities’ addressing the several quadrillions of $’s traded centrally. Global in reach and spanning assets from FX to private equity & debt as a start. The FX market is estimated to trade circa $6.6 trillion per day.

The initial securities use case will focus on currency (unregulated) as a proof of concept, utilising the existing client and partner network of both partnering companies, and offering real-time settlement and clearing for digital assets via tokenised fiat payments. Participants are 10 fund managers with $500B of Assets under Management. 

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